Pontoon to Isla Mujeres

Spend a day on a Pontoon with Slide at Isla Mujeres

The Pontoon Boat Perla 1 and #magicsea 2 are suitable for families and group gatherings. They’re comfortable and spacious. Moreover, they’re safe for kids. Thanks to the soft and airy furniture. Include a floating water mat.
The seating areas and spaces of the pontoon are designed to host several people.
You can even host parties or barbeques on board. We have one pontoon with a Slide to enjoy with your family.
A lazy mattress and other toys. Ask us for the option to have a barbecue aboard or rent other water toys.

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Pontoon Cancun

Isla Mujeres

This picture-perfect island lies offshore from Cancún and offers a quieter, more relaxed vacation. Enjoy snorkeling in its gorgeous aquamarine waters, or laze on one of the gorgeous beaches with inflatable toys on the water.  Restaurants can serve food aboard. You can drop off and do a tour on a golf cart.
The island has plenty of upmarket dining and accommodation, options and is an affordable option for those wanting a tropical island getaway.

About a Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats are light and wide boats designed with deck furniture suitable for being open in the water and comfortable as well.
They’re also known for being safe.
Pontoon boats are great for going into freshwater or water with light waves. You can also use them to play water sports.
A pontoon boat is a boat or a deck floating over two metal tubes. The design of pontoon boats makes it possible to customize the style of your boat.

Pontoons are known for their limited speed capacity. However, they can be perfect for most of the watersports.
It won’t be the best choice for racing boats, but for something like skiing or snorkeling, it’ll work just fine.

Pontoons aren’t the fastest boats out there, but they’re fast enough to give you the needed push and excitement to enjoy your favorite watersports, or even try new ones.
Whether you’re new to sailing or already mastered the skill, you probably know you should never underestimate the sea. Even though the nature and purpose of a pontoon boat already keep it away from rough water, it is in itself a very safe type of boat.

Pontoon boats are generally safer than V-boats even in rough water. Their wide surface and design make them safer and more stable.


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