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Rent a meridien Yacht with flybridge for 15 people

Started by the Brunswick Boat Group, Sea Ray and Bayliner makers, the Meridian Yacht brand became one of the finest crafted boats in the open sea. Meridian Yachts are known for specializing in luxurious yachts between 34 and 47 feet, and over time, they have set the stage and redefined
bridge boats as the top choice for boat buyers.

Meridian Yachts has established itself as a global leader in the Marine Industry. Their spacious interiors, maneuverability, and commitment to quality are just a few reasons they are consistently ranked high among enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look:

Focus on Livability
Meridian designs prioritize comfort and spaciousness, featuring well-equipped galleys, inviting cabins, and accommodations for a restful night at sea. Their craftsmanship ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone onboard.

Unparalleled Views
The flybridge on Meridian boats is the ultimate platform for enjoying the outdoors, offering both captains and guests unobstructed views–improved visibility for the captain and panoramic delight for everyone else.

Competitive Pricing
Compared to other luxury brands, Meridians offers a more accessible entry point into the world of bridge yachts, making them a more realistic option for many buyers.

Overall, Meridian Yachts are a passport to endless nautical adventures, where their performance and craftsmanship fuel every journey.

Meridian 420 with Flybridge

Meridian Yacht for groups of 15 people and flybridge

Meridian 58ft 20 people capacity yacht

Yacht with Flybridge Meridian 410

Yacht for 20 people with lily pad