Cancun BOB Personal Submarine Scuba

Cancun BOB mini-subs. Breathing Observation Bubble snorkeling tour.
Personal Submarine to Scuba &  Snorkel B.O.B.

From Monday to Saturday 9 AM12 AM 1:30 PM 3 PM
Price 79USD reserve online and pay 70USD

BOB personal submarine

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Breathing Observation Bubble (B.O.B.) is a tour in which the passengers will use the personal submarine BOB which is a mini-sub or moto submarine in which the passenger’s head goes inside a roomy air bubble that allows them to enjoy the beauty of the reef “Chantales” at the bay between Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

Breathing like at the surface. Fell comfortable.
It is an attraction closer to diving without experience. Easy Scuba.

We start with the “check-in”. There each passenger must fill out a medical form. That will be evaluated by the diving instructor; then the passenger will receive instruction in Spanish and English for approximately 10 minutes in which he will be instructed on how to operate the machine ( it is a very simple machine to operate). Drive the mini-sub as a motorcycle or scooter under the water.

We depart on a comfortable catamaran from our dock located at the marina Aquaworld towards the lagoon area, arriving at the reef of Chitales located between Cancun and Woman’s Island to initiate the immersion. There, with the diver’s assistance, passengers are helped to get into the “bob” underwater runner and enjoy the beautiful life of the reef they are guided by the diving instructor and security divers who remain constantly taking care of the passengers.

The duration of the immersion is approximately 30 minutes, after that, we return to our dock while enjoying water or sodas.

Common questions: FAQ

Note – Who can do it?
Be between 12 and 60 years old
Be between 1.20m (4 ft) and 1.85m (6ft)
Have a maximum width of 60cm (2 ft)
All the passengers must fill out a medical form and the minimum age to participate is 12 years old. No asthmatic condition or cardiological history.

What’s included in your Cancun BOB tour?
Round Trip through Cancun Bay Reef aboard a modern catamaran
30-minute dive in the “bob”
Refreshments – soft drinks and water during the trip.

What’s not included in your BOB?
Transportation –  ($)
A video of the dive ($)
A set of pictures of the dive ($) (video +photo )
Marine Ntnl Park entrance fee 12 USD ( National Park Reef fee and Pier fee at the time to aboard )

Where is the BOB tour?
At Marina in Cancun Kukulcan Km 13 Hotel Zone

How do I reserve BOB?
Click any link to pay your 100% refundable reservation fee and send us information on the date and time of the trip.

Is BOB sure?
Yes is dive for dummies, for people without medical history, diving accidents, pregnant, heart attacks, epilepsy, pneumothorax, asthma.

Can I move my tour reservation to date?
Yes you can is space is available without cost

Can I go only as a passenger but without immersion?
yes, people can go on the boat and wait there while the others do the trip.

How can I go from my hotel to the pier?
In Cancun, you can use a public bus along Kukulcan Bld, from any hotel.

I’m in Riviera Maya: can I take the tour?
Yes, We recommend reserve for 11.30 or later because is weather avoid to operate the tour you have time to call us before to take transportation and you can remain at your hotel.

How can I arrive at Bob from Riviera Maya?
We offer private transportation 1 a day for 120 RT or you can take a public bus at the road from Playa to Cancun downtown and the public bus to the hotel zone later.
Transportation from Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Akumal to Cancun has a frequency of 10 minutes at door of most of the hotels along Riviera Maya, is sure and fast

How to arrive at BOB pier to take the tour?
The picture below shows the front of pier at Km 13 of Kukulcan Av at Cancun Hotel Zone
Bus stop in front of this place, see map

How to arrive at BOB from Playa del Carmen:
Take bus at ADO bus station at 5th avenue to Cancun downtown (price is 4usd) from Cancun downtown take any bus to Hotel Zone (1usd) and stop at Km 12 Aquaworls, a driver can help

From Hotel at Riviera Maya:
Go to Highway to Cancun many cases at Hotel exit, you can take any Van to Cancun way, (4usd) Vans runs every 15 min and stop at many hotel entrances. Go to Downtown and once there take the bus to Hotel Zone

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Alternative to this tour is the Semisubmarine and snorkel