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Holbox Island, located to the north of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, is an elongated island that measures 40 kilometers long and two kilometers wide.
The island is determined to maintain its idyllic reputation, which is reflected in its 34 kilometers of beaches, unpaved streets, and controlled tourist growth. Its attractive features include endless picture-perfect beaches, a charming fishing village perfect for disconnecting, the opportunity to witness the unique phenomenon of bioluminescence, and the chance to swim with whale sharks.

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To get to the island, one needs to take a ferry ride of approximately 25 minutes from the port of Chiquilá, which is located about 140 kilometers from the popular tourist town of Cancun. During the journey, one passes through the Yalahau Lagoon, also known as the Conil Lagoon. This body of water, which was once home and refuge for pirates, hosts the protected islet of Isla de Pájaros, known for its flocks of flamingos, and Isla de la Pasión, surrounded by a stunning sandbank that delights visitors.


Tickets from Chiquila to Holbox on the ferry

Transportation and Ferry to Holbox 

Tours at Holbox: Bird watching, Crocodile watching, Vista Alegre ruins, Cabo Catoche, Fishing tour, a Whale shark tour

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Holbox has no shortage of beautiful beaches, and they all live up to the grandiloquent adjectives that are commonly associated with Caribbean beaches. This includes fine white sand, warm and crystal-clear water that takes meters to cover, small beach clubs with hammocks and swings, and roaming vendors with a ready supply of fresh coconut water and sweet mangoes. The further one travels from the village, either towards Punta Mosquito to the north or Punta Cocos to the south, the wilder the beaches become. There’s a completely genuine possibility of being completely alone, and a bonus is that Holbox is relatively free from seaweed (sargassum) compared to other areas in the region.

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Despite now being heavily reliant on tourism, Holbox Island still retains the essence of a small fishing village. Its unpaved streets are a chaotic blend of golf carts – the most common vehicle for getting around the island – bicycles, and pedestrians. The walls of the village are adorned with carefully crafted murals, as well as brightly colored facades that create an eye-catching streetscape. The heart of the village is the Central Plaza, which features sports courts, a stage for occasional performances, and food stalls that sell the most popular excursions during the day and crispy, strangely addictive “marquesitas” at night – a type of crepe.


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Holbox boat's tours

Holbox Island

Holbox Island

Services and Tours in Holbox

Transfers from Cancun to Chiquila and to Holbox and vice versa, by a maximum boat of 10 people with luggage
Whale Shark Tour only in June, July, August, and mid-September season
Snorkeling with whale sharks, dolphins,s and turtle watching

Whale shark swim

Holbox Island’s most distinguished resident, aside from its raccoons, flamingos, and pelicans, is undoubtedly the whale shark, the world’s largest fish. Despite its imposing average length of 12 meters, the whale shark is completely harmless. It visits the waters around the Mexican island between May and September in search of its primary food source, plankton. To see and swim with them, it’s necessary to book an excursion (which costs around 170 USD per person, depending on the season and negotiating skills) with a certified guide, which includes snorkeling gear, drinks, and food.

Finding these giants is not an easy task, although their size and the experienced eyes of the guides help. It usually requires a boat trip of around two hours to locate them. Once located, a strict order is observed for entering the water so as not to bother them. It should go without saying, but it’s strictly prohibited to touch them or obstruct their swimming path. The technique is relatively simple: the group in the water enjoys the experience while this imposing fish swims alongside them. When the whale shark moves on, it’s time to return to the boat and make way for the next swimmers. Although time is cruel: minutes will never pass so quickly.


Golf carts per hour or per day

Hotels and Inns

Yalahau Classic Tour
A place where the water is born from the center of the earth, completely sweet and transparent surrounded by pure mangroves where there are three types of mangroves.

Birds Island.
Small island 20 minutes from Holbox where different seabirds and reptiles nest from this island we can observe the sunsets and the arrival of the birds.

Islet 10 minutes from Holbox, surrounded by sandbars ideal for people who like nature because we can walk around the island and find different types of birds.

Dolphin Search
Dolphins are a natural beauty since you have to go looking for them because they are in their natural habitat within the lagoon where you can see them all year.

We can find flamingos in seasons since it is a natural beauty that is not in one place.

Passion Island
Islet 10 minutes from Holbox, surrounded by sandbars ideal for people who like nature because we can walk around the island and find different types of birds.

Boat services:
Tour around the Island is $ 300.00 pesos per person. (Yalahau the eye of water, Isla de Los Pajaros, and Isla Passion with dolphin search).