Yachts with access for wheelchair and handicapped people

Pier with access for wheelchair and XXL people

This is a common question, yachts are not thought & designed specifically for handicapped people,

But we move a lot of time people in this case, most important are:

All people must stay in the same area of the boat to avoid being left alone.
Then a yacht with enough space for a group without a flybridge.

The other point is the marina and pier to access and go close to the boat where sailors can help him to board easy

Yachts and marinas with access for wheelchairs and handicapped people can be:

yacht with electric platform

searay sundancer

wheel chair pier access to yacht wheel chair pier access to yacht

This system electronically controls the raising and lowering of a swim platform.
The platform lift consists of two synchronized electric telescopic columns and an electronic housing to synchronize the two columns.
This allows XXL people can swim and return to the yacht without the use of the small metallic stairs.
Usually bring a lot of problem for big size people.

wheel chair pier access to yachtFfairline

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