Spring Break Party Boat

Super boat for a booze cruise party

This is the best option to do your party on the turquoise waters of Cancun – Isla Mujeres bay.

We adapt the tour to your requirements, Open Bar, Lunch aboard with our grill, activities: snorkel, slide, swim.

Booze cruise Party Boat Booze cruise Party Boat

Booze cruises are popular with the spring break crowd. It’s for the young and foolish, though the few oldsters wanting to participate are seldom thrown overboard. The cruises come in several versions. Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship leaves the pier at Playa Linda at 7 pm daily.
The tour offers 2/4 hours on a large boat for a buffet dinner and all you can drink. After dinner, embarking on more drinking. For those still able to stand, some dancing to loud DJ music is encouraged to end the evening.  The cost is $50 to $75  plus a $13 Pier Tax paid when you arrive at the dock.
The Cancun Booze Cruise leaves Playa Tortugas or Playa Las Perlas pier in Cancun every day during Spring Break at 6:30 pm. The cost is $75 for adults.  This is the original booze cruise and offers five hours of free bowing along with authentic DJ music.  Dinner is served aboard or on a beach on Isla Mujeres, which is followed by more drinking, lots of music/noise and some dancing.
The Cancun Party Bar Hopping Tours leave to Congo Terrace every night after Booze cruise except Sundays and the cost is $55-90 per person. Children under 18 are not allowed.
This tour is strictly for partiers, with no romantic comes for the quieter types. The tour covers four nightclubs over a period of seven hours, where participants can drink as much as their bodies will hold. The ports visited can vary, so check carefully before booking to make sure you will be visiting the places of your choice. I can’t imagine this tour being too full to accommodate those without reservations but you can reserve through the form bellow – Bar Hopping Nightlife tour tickets.

Booze cruise Party Boat Booze cruise Party Boat Booze cruise Party Boat Booze cruise Party Boat Booze cruise Party Boat Booze cruise Party Boat Spring Break Party Boat Spring Break Party Boat Spring Break Party Boat Spring Break Party Boat Spring Break Party Boat Spring Break Party Boat Spring Break Party Boat

From the moment you first step onboard, you will be impressed by the friendly staff.

Welcoming by Dancers smiling staff, and shocked by the style, size, cleanliness, colors, and comfort of Dancers facilities.
You will immediately know that you have made the right choice by picking a Dancer cruise to spend your important day.

Depart from Playa Tortugas at 10:30 am and sail for an hour to our dock at El Meco, en route, relax and enjoy a continental breakfast while viewing the colorful waters of the Caribbean.

A short sail from the docks at EL MECO takes the Dancer to our favorite secret reefs, we anchor in Cancun bay at what we call Dancers private reef club, let our staff fit your fin size, provide you with snorkeling masks and tubes, and life vests as you prepare to snorkel. Have your underwater picture taken during our guided snorkeling tour of two reefs full of numerous colorful fish and various forms of live coral.

For those not snorkeling enjoy from Dancers’ private reef club, swimming, showing off your skills diving from our exclusive diving board located on the lower deck, or having your picture taken while slipping and sliding into the bay from Dancers long winding water-slide located on our second-floor deck.
Dancers diving board, water-slide and reef club are exclusive in Cancun at Dancer CRUISE

For those water-shy individuals, you can relax in the shade, or fan from our lounge chairs while being pampered by Dancer staff, while you sip away on a cold drink from our open bar.
Another exclusive service provided by Dancer is our “freshwater rinse-off” for those returning from snorkeling, swimming, diving or sliding into the bay. Dancer’s wide stairwells allow for easy re-entry aboard after swimming.

From Isla Mujeres cherish the most comfortable, fun and entertaining sail through Cancun bay back to Playa Tortugas, while dancer`s super friendly and funny staff brings out wigs, funny hats, and party props, and allows each willing soul to dance to the music provided by dancer`s fantastic sound system and lively d.j. , laugh at the styles and performances of the dancer’s animators, and have fun partying.