Sessa Marine Yacht 46ft

Nice boat for 15 people to rent at Cancun

Sessa Yacht at @cancunboats Sessa Yacht at @cancunboats Sessa Yacht at @cancunboats

Sessa Yacht at @cancunboats Sessa Yacht at @cancunboats Sessa Yacht at @cancunboats Sessa Yacht at @cancunboats Sessa Yacht at @cancunboats

Rent a Sessa Yacht 35ft at Cancun

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Optional supplements to pay at departure time:
Lunch buffet in Isla Mujeres at the beach club, (Salads, rice, bean soup, chicken, fish, pork, beef, and desserts).
Price per adult $20 USD. Child $10 USD
Ceviche,  guacamole, fresh fruit & snacks  on board
Bottles of tequila, rum &vodka
Special occasion decorations –  (balloons, cake & sparkling wine)
Chef with food and open bar –
Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Wine, beers, fresh fruits,  snacks, Mexican tacos,  guacamole, fish and shrimp  ceviche, beef and chicken fajitas, quesadillas, shrimp, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc
Transportation round trip from Cancun   /from Riviera  / or Tulum 250
What to do?  Along  the Cancun Coastline or crossing to Isla Mujeres and around  there are many places to stop and swim and snorkel,
On the same day, the Captain and you choose better places in wind conditions
We can stop at the area on the Cancun coast then you can get any water toy:
Jetski  150 USD /hr
Paddleboard  / Wind Surf  40 USD /hr
Kayak  40usd / hr
Doughnut / Banana  60 USD per person
Flyboard 150 USD for 20 min
Parachute    70 USD / person
The climate is very changeable, it can be cloudy for a few minutes and after a while Sun. In addition, since the walk is in Isla Mujeres, the marine climate allows the sky to be clear most of the time. It really has to be very bad weather of several days for it to be canceled and that happens rarely and it is already planned a day before