Go to Holbox with a Yacht or Catamaran

From Cancun to Holbox Island on a boat


The best area to see secluded beaches and snorkel is in the Isla Blanca area.
Leaving Cancun, a tour of the area takes approximately 8 hours.

To leave Holbox, the place to board is on the north coast using a support boat. The waters are low and it is not possible to approach the coast in yachts or catamarans.

The north coast of Holbox overlooks the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, they are less transparent and with little visibility for snorkeling.

The coast in the Contoy area is bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and is more suitable for the activity,

You can stop on the coast of Isla Blanca and it is an ideal area for bird watching.

Navigating to Holbox

Boats available at Holbox to Cross from Chiquila or to navigate around to explore the coastline,

holbox boats holbox boats


Exploring area of Isla Blanca from Cancun, just front of Contoy Island

Isla Blanca on yacht Isla Blanca on yacht Isla Blanca on yacht Isla Blanca on yacht

Isla Blanca on yacht