Cancun rent a boat

Choose this luxury yacht to spend a beautiful day at Cancun and Isla Mujeres area.

cancun rent a boat
Sundancer Sea Ray 50 ft Yacht offers a lot of amenities to enjoy a day trip.
cancun rent a boat

We start from the marina to explore the coast of Cancun with its white beaches and crystal clear waters we can reach Punta Cancun a place with a backwater that allows to anchor and enjoy water toys such as Waverunner, Flysurf, Parachute, etc, while we enjoy the food yacht and drink and most athletes enjoy the action.
Then we crossed to Isla Mujeres and started to cross it on the south side where we found the Garrafón a place with crystal clear waters and many fish to enjoy a snorkel there.
very close we have the submerged museum off the MUSA statues which we can swim over them following the current and the yacht will pick us up after the tour.

Select a Yacht to rent at Marina in Cancun with drinks and food

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