SeaRay 41 ft Yacht for rent at Cancun

Enjoy Life aboard a luxury boat. Rent a SeaRay yacht

This Sea Ray yacht sets the sport and luxury in the 41-foot class. Beauty designed interior and attention to fine detail immediately distinguishes it from the other boats.
Equipped with outriggers for fishing, snorkel gear or enjoy the most beautiful sunset with a delicious dinner and a bottle of wine.
We supply sodas, beer, wine, Tequila, Rhum and vodka for drinks. The crew prepares guacamole and ceviche aboard.

SeaRay Yacht for rent

SeaRay Yacht for rent

We recommend this boat and these trips to do:

Hald or Full day tour:   Isla Mujeres: we can snorkel and go to Isla Mujeres Punta Norte beautiful beach relax place to be.  Visit Garrafon and other reef areas to snorkel.

2 or 3 days  tour:  Isla Blanca and  Holbox island,  one of the most beautiful island at riviera Maya, paradise
This package includes a 24-hour excursion to the magnificent white sand beaches of Holbox.
Gather seashells and watch the pink flamingos fly by while the dolphins frolic in the shallow waters.
This is one of Quintana roo’s best-kept secrets.

SeaRay Yacht interior SeaRay Yacht for rent SeaRay Yacht for rent SeaRay Yacht drinks SeaRay Yacht menu

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